Connecting science and policy for the coexistence of offshore wind and thriving marine ecosystems

Ecological Consequences of Offshore Wind (ECOWind) research programme

The next few decades will see big changes to our climate and to life on our planet. Moving to renewable energy, including offshore wind, will play a major role in cutting the emissions contributing to climate change, but we don’t yet fully know how this transition will affect marine biodiversity. As the UK leads the way in delivering offshore wind energy, ECOWind is committed to understanding how these efforts can be carried out in harmony with priorities to protect and enhance marine life.


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ECOWind is bringing together experts from science, policy and industry to understand how offshore wind affects ecosystems…


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What our partners have to say

The expansion of offshore wind is essential, but we have to ensure it is carried out with the marine environment in mind. ECOWind aims to fill some of the biggest gaps in our knowledge to help inform this process as efficiently as possible - by ensuring that the research undertaken is genuinely useful and usable for policy, regulation and management.

Professor Colin Moffat
ECOWind Scientific Advisory Group Chair

We are excited to see ECOWind take shape into a truly pioneering programme of work. By bringing together industry, government, and some of the brightest brains in the academic community, we will be connecting science and policy at every step of the way to make sure that the research generated is as effective as possible.

Mandy King
Programme Manager, Offshore Wind Evidence and Change Programme
The Crown Estate

ECOWind takes a fresh, impact-led approach, based on nurturing the creation of robust science with direct applications for marine policy and management. What does that mean? It means this is not science to be kept on the shelf, but work that will directly inform how we develop our renewable energy landscape as a nation, and make sure we do that without damaging the incredible abundance of UK seas.

Professor Dickon Howell
ECOWind Champion

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