New ecosystem scenario model now online


The first output from ECOWINGS, the StrathE2E (end-to-end) ecosystem modelling app aims to represent the entire interconnected marine ecosystem from physics and chemistry through microbes and plankton to whales and fisheries in continental shelf systems.

The model enables users to run ‘what if’ experiments to simulate the effects of different management and climate scenarios.

Users can input environmental and fisheries data to simulate and explore potential impacts on marine ecosystems under different future climate scenarios.

As a big-picture model, StrathE2E is intended for strategic scenario exploration, concept scoping and education. That’s just what we need to raise awareness and provoke thought about ecosystem-scale impacts across the food web of the various facets of wind farm developments, and possible mitigation or compensation measures.

Professor Michael Heath, University of Strathclyde, ECOWINGS

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