New publication on impacts of fishery closure on seabirds


New publication from the ECOWINGS project ‘Effects of a fishery closure and prey abundance on seabird diet and breeding success: Implications for strategic fisheries management and seabird conservation’ discusses the effects of key fishery closures on seabird breeding success.

This new paper by Searle et al. out in Biological Conservation explores the issue of whether fisheries management measures can be used as a tool to positively affect productivity in seabird species such as Kittiwake, by changing prey abundance and availability, impacting seabird diet and breeding success, and what this might mean for future seabird conservation strategies.

Research findings provide quantitative evidence for how forage fish fisheries may impact seabird demography, highlighting the species-specific nature of responses, and the difficulties in teasing apart drivers amongst ongoing environmental change.

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Full Paper

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